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Busch Beer

If you are searching for Busch beer in Brooklyn, we have it! At Oktoberfest Beer Store, we carry one of the largest selections of beer in the local area and you can choose from draft beers or bottled options. What sets us apart from other local beer stores is that we stock and carry beers from all over the world and specialize in beer from Japan, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Ireland, and more. If you would like to learn more about the options we have or you would like to drink a Busch beer on site, visit one of our two locations or give us a call at 347-492-3222.

Get Busch Beer Here in Brooklyn

Busch beer is one of the most popular and affordable all-American beers available on the market. It is made from quality ingredients that allow its drinkers to develop a taste for it and crave the aftertaste that it leaves. The beer is made from a blend of barley malts, hops, water, and grains. The result is a smooth and crisp taste that sits on the palate and pleases with every sip.

Busch beer was first introduced in 1955 and is a pale lager. While the beer does not have a lot of undertones like some other options, it is considered to be one of the cornerstone beers in the US. Many people who enjoy this brand would say that is tastes like a mixture of corn and malt.

In addition to traditional Busch beer, we also offer Bush Ice, which is brewed with ice to make it taste sweeter and have a smoother finish than the traditional brewed options. During the ice-brewing process, the ice crystals are removed from the beer at the end stage and this leaves behind a distinct and desirable taste.

Ice-Cold Draft Beer to Go in Brooklyn

What sets us apart from others is that we provide you with a system that allows you to take a draft to your home. How many times have you sat in a restaurant only to wish you could take home that free beer you earned, but can’t drink because you are too full. Now, you can enjoy ice-cold draft beer at home without the worry.

We offer Busch beer on draft and you can take it home in one of our FREE growlers. We will pour the draft directly into the growler and then seal it for you. Your draft will stay fresh for up to seven days in your home and once it is gone, come back in for a refill.

Come Visit Our Brooklyn Store

We are proud to be able to offer Busch beer in Brooklyn to all of the locals and we invite you to stop by Oktoberfest Beer Store today to get your FREE growler and to take a draft beer home with you. If you have any questions about our beer offerings, call us at 347-492-3222 or you can visit us at one of our two convenient locations:

Brighton Beach Location 3087 Brighton 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11235 347-492-3222

Sheepshead Bay Location Address: 1743 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235 347-922-7454

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