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Guinness Beer

Have you ever tried an Irish beer? If not, then you need to try a Guinness beer in Brooklyn today! It’s not too late to enjoy a wonderful stout that is made with love and crafted to have a smooth taste. At Oktoberfest Beer Store, we provide you with a number of different beer options from around the world and you are sure to fall in love with any of the options you try. One of the favorites amongst beer lovers in Brooklyn is Guinness beer. This beer was introduced back in 1759 and originated in Ireland. This Irish beer is one that is popularly consumed by people everywhere. If you would like to try an awesome Irish beer in Brooklyn, now is the time to call our shop at 347-492-3222 or visit one of our two locations.

What You Can Expect from Guinness Beer in Brooklyn

Guinness beer is designed to provide drinkers with a burnt flavor and it is dark in color. Traditional beer options are usually light in color, but that is what sets this brand apart. It is a dark beer that is made from un-malted and malted barley. One distinct recognition this beer boasts is the beautiful creamy foam that arises to the top when poured from a draft. This creamy foam comes about by mixing carbon dioxide and nitrogen with the beer as it is poured.

The actual composition of this beer is quite different than other variations, which is much of the reason why it is so popular. In fact, Guinness is made from yeast, roast malt extract, barley, hops, and water. One of the many things about Guinness is that there are several variations to the name and even if you do not fancy one of the flavors, you may like another. Some of the variations include:

  • Guinness Draught

  • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

  • Guinness Original Extra Stout

  • Guinness Bitter

  • Guinness Special Export Stout

  • Guinness Extra Smooth

  • Guinness Mid-Strength

  • Guinness Red

Guinness is used in many culinary dishes, which means that you can pair this delicious beer with some of your favorite foods to include cheese and beef.

Get a FREE Growler in Brooklyn

If you have never tried an Irish beer, now is the time to stop in and take a draft to your home. You will receive a FREE growler with all ice-cold draft beer to go and you can enjoy your choice of beer wherever you are. Our growlers will keep your beer fresh for up to seven days.

Visit Us Today

If you want to taste a Guinness beer in Brooklyn, don’t be a stranger and stop by Oktoberfest Beer Store today. We carry all types of beer from around the world and would be happy to help you find the right Guinness offering to meet your needs and please your taste buds. Call us today at 347-492-3222.

Visit one of our convenient locations! You will be surprised at how affordable our beers are.

Brighton Beach Location 3087 Brighton 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11235 347-492-3222

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