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Japanese Beer

If you are looking for Japanese beer in Brooklyn, Oktoberfest Beer Store is the right place and has just what you need. We carry a large lineup of Japanese beer options for you to choose from and we are confident that you will find what you need. Whether this is your first time trying a Japanese beer or you are ready to choose your favorite variety for an upcoming event, we can help you. Give us a call today at 347-492-3222 or visit one of our two convenient locations.

Largest Selection of Japanese Beer in Brooklyn

If you like Japanese beer, you may have been hard-pressed to find it prior to stumbling upon our shop. This is because many companies do not specialize in beer from around the world, but we do. We believe that customers should be able to enjoy beer, no matter where it is from. We encourage trying new beer from places that you have visited or only dreamed about visiting.

When you come into our shop, you will find that there are MANY Japanese beer options. If you are not sure what type to choose, we can help you pick one based on your preferences. Let one of our sales staff know and we will guide you.

What to Expect from Japanese Beer in Brooklyn

Beer that is produced in Japan usually comes from one of the four major manufacturers to include Kirin, Asahi, Suntory, and Sapporo. There are microbreweries in Japan that crank out other types of beers, such as those that use less malt than others and even seasonal options. Come the different seasons, you may find that Japanese beer cans are dressed up to celebrate the time and the beer may be brewed differently during this time as well.

Take a Japanese Draft to Your Brooklyn Home

If you want to enjoy draft beer from your home, now is the time to visit our store and let us know. ALL ice-cold draft beer to go is served in a FREE growler that you can take home with you. Our growlers are made from a durable plastic material that is recyclable, easy to carry, and will not break.

Our growlers will keep your beer fresh for up to seven days and when you are ready, just swing on by for a refill. Our prices are kept low, so that you can enjoy your favorite beer any time of the year. Our draft beer is not only cold and refreshing, but it will keep you coming back for more.

Visit Our Store Today

Whether you are in the area or you have been looking for Japanese beer in Brooklyn, visit Oktoberfest Beer Store. We offer the largest selection of beer from around the world and we are confident that you will find just what you need. Call our store today at 347-492-3222 or visit one of our two convenient locations:

Brighton Beach Location 3087 Brighton 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11235 347-492-3222

Sheepshead Bay Location Address: 1743 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235 347-922-7454

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